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Parent Review

“I’d like to confirm I’ve arranged for tutoring with Mr S.  I’d like to add your approach to finding a tutor was the quickest and best way as I was able to personally speak with tutors which made the process much easier.”

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Review by RM of Newport

“Thank you so much, your service is fantastic. I have an older daughter and struggled terribly to get tutors elsewhere when she needed them a few years back. I found the whole process then very stressful & time consuming. Your service is prompt & professional, taking all the stress away!”

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Parent Review Fareham, Hants

“My daughter had her first lesson with Mr H. this evening and he really was excellent. My daughter has already grasped several new maths concepts and was able to explain things to me with enthusiasm…which is unheard of for her! We’re very pleased and glad to have found him through you. Thanks so much!”

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M. O’C. of Kendal

“This service was extremely helpful, our daughter had her first regular session with Mr W. and he is a perfect fit. Very glad we have him to help her, he’s incredibly knowledgeable and teaches in a lovely calm manner.  Thank you for your help.”

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D. E. of Nottingham

“The most difficult part of the process has been in choosing a tutor, and this was only because they were all very good and very nice.”

“I am writing to let you know that I have been extremely pleased with the teaching services given by Mrs. C.  I will certainly contact you again in the future should we feel we need additional help  in her exam work.”

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D.E. of Rickmansworth

“I am writing to tell you how thrilled we have been with the maths tutoring that my daughter Amy has had from Mrs. L. of Chalfont St.Giles for the past two years. She has been kind, understanding and superb at giving my daughter confidence in this subject.”

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P. McG. of Flamstead

“…. Mrs F. has been an excellent tutor throughout and I wish to thank you for finding us such a gem! Julie has improved so much of late that she now has every confidence in continuing her English coursework alone.”

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C.G of Leek

“I am writing to thank you for putting me in touch with Mrs. H, one of your tutors in Leek, Staffordshire. I have noticed a great improvement in my son’s abillity to read and write, she had worked wonders.”

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J.P of Stoke

“I am writing to advise you that my son will no longer be needing maths tuition as he has got into the top group and seems to be coping well. The tutor my son had was Mrs. G. and we were very pleased with the way that she helped James. If I ever need my family to have tution again, I will come to you and would recommend you to anyone who needs help with maths and English.”

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M.R of Aberdeen

“Please accept my congratulations on your network of tutors. I am extremely pleased with the work done by Mr. D. one of your English tutors in Aberdeen. He was able to instil in my grandson the rudiments of the English language. I will have no hesitation in recommending your service to my friends.”

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J.P of Hailsham

“I would like to take this opportunity to say how impressed I have been with the service provided by your company. Having worked briefly for one other tutor agency, I have very much appreciated how much more efficient you have been.”

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M.B of London SW1

“Thank you so much for the list of maths tutors – fantastic, and how efficient you are!! I wish I had known about you before!”

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N.S of Bristol

“My Chinese national student (studying A Levels) made the final arrangements with your tutor recommendations, who came to my home in Bristol. The sessions were well received and both she and I are very appreciative of your service.”

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P.W of Draycott

“I would just like to say how impressed I am by your website. It has helped my daughter with her studies and is still continuing to do so. I would like to thank all the tutors who we met, choosing the right tutor was the hardest, but this website made it easy with all the details in one go. We will definitely use it again if we need to in the future. Highly recommended!”

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A.P of Rochdale

“My daughter has just had 2 lessons with N.B. for GCSE English and I wanted to let you know how extremely happy we are with his performance. I will certainly recommend your service to friends in the same boat as myself.”

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L.K of Sutton Coldfield

“I would like you to know how delighted we have been with J.B. who has provided home tuition in French to my daughter for a year. She went from C grade at the end of year 10 to getting an A* in both her mocks and in her GCSE. We are grateful to J for giving Jess confidence and for assisting her greatly in improving her performance to such a level.”

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J.B of Haringey

“I got an A* in physics and an A in maths and chemistry which I was really pleased with. Thanks for all your help with those subjects and I’m sure I wouldn’t have gotten those grades if it wasn’t for your help.”

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C.B of Redhill

“Can’t believe how quickly this has worked. I went on the Internet on 10th October and Michael had a lesson today with Mrs W. who is only 10 minutes drive away. We are so pleased and impressed.”

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