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How To Request Your No-obligation Free List of Contact Details of Vetted Tutors

  • Enter your postcode in the Search Box 
  • Select the Subject and Level
  • Browse tutor profiles
  • Submit your request for the list – there’s no charge

We’ll email information to you including contact details of the tutors and our recommended hourly rate range for lessons. The tutor’s own hourly fee will depend on their tutoring experience, their qualifications and the distance from your home if travelling to you. The next step is to contact the tutors and discuss tuition. To arrange tuition with a tutor, simply agree the date and time of the first lesson. At the end of each lesson you pay the tutor their hourly fee and our small agency fee which the tutor forwards on to us.

It easy to arrange! You deal directly with the tutor. Take as many lessons as needed. For your reassurance, we monitor our registered tutors.

Most tutors are qualified teachers, lecturers and experts in their specialist areas. Many have valuable working experience of exams and assessing work.

About Our Tutors in Southsea

Our registered tutors are qualified teachers, lecturers and experts in their specialist areas, and many have additional professional qualifications. All are academically highly qualified with a minimum of a university degree. Our good reputation means that we attract excellent tutors to register with our agency.

Many tutors have in-depth experience and working knowledge of exam moderation, marking exams and assessing work.

Most of our tutors are flexible and offer the option of  local home tutoring or online tutoring.

Tuition is arranged to fit around your schedule.

About Personal Tutors in Southsea

We help parents and adult students quickly and easily connect with private tutors who offer high-quality one-to-one local home, or online tuition. We offer a straightforward service providing contact details of pre-vetted tutors in Southsea

Personal Tutors is a reputable tuition agency established in 1970. We are the oldest, and one of the largest popular UK-based tutoring agencies specialising in a core range of subjects including English, Maths and Science at all levels from Primary KS1 and KS2, KS3, GCSE to A level. We have a proven track record and make the process of finding a tutor and starting lessons as easy as possible. Our caring and highly experienced team has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of private tuition, tutoring service and recruiting the best tutors.


Why Private Tuition is a Popular Choice

The significant benefits of one-to-one tutoring have been very well-publicised during recent years. Now more than ever before, parents and students recognise the value of private tuition, and parents understand the positive impact it could have on their child’s education, confidence and self-esteem. 

  • Tuition is precisely targeted to the exact needs of the student
  • The student has the full attention of the tutor
  • Plan ahead for exams, including the next academic year
  • Improve exam grades
  • Additional support for planning exam revision, resits and assessments
  • Learn revision techniques
  • Booster lessons to help get studies back on track
  • Keep studies on track
  • Motivate and boost confidence
  • Challenge gifted students
  • Refresher lessons
  • Peace of mind if there are concerns about disruption to education
  • Starting college or university and need refresher lessons
  • Fill in knowledge gaps in any topic
  • There are no distractions by other students. This is a key benefit of one-to-one tuition rather than lessons in a classroom situation.
  • Independent School Entrance Exams 
  • 11+ and 13+ exam coaching
  • GCSE exam preparation
  • A Level exam preparation

For more details about the tutoring service offered by Personal Tutors, please see Information for Students.


How Do I Find A Local Tutor Near Me? 

Simply enter your postcode in the Search Box to see profiles of Southsea tutors with current availability. Please note that demand for our tutors is high. If you are interested in a particular tutor we recommend that you contact them as soon as possible to discuss your tuition requirements.

If you are unsure and would like help to find a suitable tutor, please get in touch 



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